Visitors to this site are welcome to send in photos and reports of Nutmeg Mannikins in their area.

Susan Pearson, Pensacola, FL. 10-18-10
I recently received the first photo from Susan Pearson of Pensacola, Florida. She said that "Every morning and evening a group of 8-10 come to our bird feeder."

Shella Penner, San Diego, CA. 10-24-10
It is so good to find your website with information and photos of the Nutmeg Mannikin. Today we saw a group of these beautiful birds at our bird feeder in San Diego, and I was totally stumped in trying to identify them. Using the website, I came up with the nutmeg mannikin. Your information and photos were a great help in assuring me that the birds were, in fact, the nutmeg mannikin. I hope they visit again.

Cindy Black, Costa Mesa, CA 11-3-10
I saw this bird at the Talbert Marsh in Costa Mesa, CA. I've never seen one before and had trouble trying to ID it. I contacted an avid birder, Wayne Gochenour and he identified it for me. What area do you live?

Ruth Harris, Pensacola, FL 11-3-10
I am sending you a picture of birds found at one of my feeders Nov 1, 2010. We could not find them in any of our bird books. Today an "bird person" identified them as Nutmeg Manakins. However, these birds at my feeders are quite more colorful than those on Are they the same birds as on this website? The person who told me they were Nutmeg Manakins first gave me another name for them -- Cinnamon something, I don't remember. And then said Nutmeg Manakins. These in the attached picture are more colorful. I was also told that they are only in Pensacola, Florida, at this time. Can you for sure identify them? Many, many thanks. Ruth Harris, Pensacola, FL 32506,

Cindy Sawyer, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 12/15/10
I have been seeing these birds at my patio feeder for over a week now. I have never seen them before, but they are just gorgeous!!! I'm including a photo I took 12/14/2010. I live in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, CA. I am going to forward more photos to this email if it's alright. One will be of a NM feeding beneath my feeder. Another will be of at least 4 NM's feeding at my feeder, though I took it thru my screen so it isn't the clearest shot. I love their gorgeous warm tones of color and will keep snapping with photos. Here are some pics of them at my feeder. The others are in the tree, pretty camouflaged, but you can still see several juveniles and an adult right next to them. Just starting to get some scale pattern. Yipppeee

Here is a photo I shot of a male Anna's Hummingbird. I got a great shot of his beautiful gorget, reflecting the afternoon light. Enjoy !!! This guy visits me all day, every day, without fail.

12/26/2010. Just starting to get some scale pattern.   Yipppeee

Mika Denny Laguna Hills, CA January 6, 2011.
Hi! I am a bird lover in Laguna Hills CA. Saw this bird at my backyard feeder and had a bit of trouble identifying it.... finally found it on Here is a photo of a juvenille with feathers (scales) coming into view.

Mary Castillon Westminster, CA January 6, 2011.
I'm sending you this photo in hopes that you're tracking the habitats of these beautiful birds. Two showed up in my yard a few months ago because I had a reed like plant that they used to make a nest in my neighbor's tree. Today, my bird cam captured a picture of them using the bird bath. I live in Westminster, Calif., an unlikely place, except for the fact that it is adjacent to the Seal Beach Weapons Station. We get a wide variety of birds, including an Orange Bishop, black headed grosbeak, red-winged blackbirds, yellow-rumped warblers, white crowned sparrows, American goldfinch, black hooded orioles and more. I have attached the picture.

Sandra Taylor, Sydney Australia July 19, 2011
I live in Sydney Australia just started photographing small birds today I was in our local park & I
spotted a flock of tiny birds. So Crawling around on my knees' I finely got close enough to get a
photo to identify them.( need a munch bigger lens)

Nicole Laguna Niguel, CA. July 22, 2011.
HI, I found this little guy in my backyard and believe it to be a Nutmeg Mannikin. I haven't seen him before. There were
actually two of them. I will keep my eyes open for them in the future.

Nicole, look what a little Photoshop magic can do. David Comings

Pat Lake Lafayette, LA. Sept 8,2011
I've had this photo in my files since November 18, 2005 when I photographed it in Louisiana. I could never identify it until last night when I received help from Jim Stevenson, a birder, who identified it for me. Saw this little guy at Lake Martin, a swamp lake near Lafayette.

Pat, Great picture. David Comings

Aurelia Jones Fullerton, CA. October 15, 2011.
We live in a condo in Fullerton, CA. The last year or two we have put cracked corn out for the birds. When the Nutmeg Mannikins first showed in our yard, I correctly identified them as a type of Finch but not until using my short range binoculars was I able to match them in my bird book yesterday. They are seasonal visitors. If I recall correctly, we see a lot of them in the winter. Sometime in the spring or early summer they "disappear." A couple weeks ago a few started showing up. At the height of visiting, there were as many as sixteen in our small yard. Yesterday I saw four. We have not yet seen any juveniles. What a thrill it was to positively identify the Nutmeg Mannikin!
You can ignore the attached picture as it isn't good and I don't remember if the small birds in it are Sparrows or Nutmeg Mannikins. I only included it because it was mandatory and I thought it would be nice to report Fullerton sightings.

Bird photos are nice but not mandatory. Notes are fine. David

Greg San Diego. November 14th, 2011.
Hi David, I've been enjoying the Nutmeg Mannikins for a couple of years on my walks around Lake Murray in San Diego. It would seem people don't know about this bird yet. Great site and photos. Here's a couple of my favorite shots. Greg.

Marsha Kramer - San Dimas, CA 9/11/11
Thanks for your great photos. I first saw 4-5 of these birds, all mature with black lacing on their breasts, in mid summer...perhaps July. I was able to I.D. them as "spice finches" in a Sibley volume. I always have a lot of common house finches and Lesser Goldfinches in my yard and at the feeders. But these lovely little cinnamon colored birds stood out. Suddenly, in the past week, the few adults were accompanied by a small flock of 10-15 tiny, yellowish-brown birds with similar bills. It dawned on me they were about the development of what you call "3 week" nutmeg mannikins. It's as if the adults have a "nursery" of young. The Lesser Goldfinches have moved on: I seldom see any past late August. The house finches stay pretty much year round. Are the Spice Finches likely to stay so far inland -- I live in Diamond Bar -- during the late Fall and Winter?

Your experience is similar to mine. The Goldinches move on, the Nutmegs Mannikins stay. And yes those are the young ones. You are about the same degree of being inland as I am (Monrovia) so yes they do stay inland. We have lots of them now. However, in I few months they seem to disappear for awhile, then come back – much to our delight.
Thanks for your observations. David

B. Merle Shepard Charleston, SC 6/16/2012
I photographed this nutmeg mannikin near Charleston, SC today. It was first seen by Jack Rogers and identified by Keith McCullough, Interpretive Naturalist at the Caw Caw Interpretive Center.. part of the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission. This may be a first for the nutmeg mannikin in this area. I took the photo using a Sony "point and shoot" camera held up to a Swarvoski spotting scope.

Nugmeg mannikin

Jayne Berg North Mission Viejo 10/15/2012
I saw these cuties at my back feeder today, and thought I was going crazy because I couldn't find them in my birding books. Many thanks to Sea & Sage Audubon Society for their link to, a great site which helped me identify the Nutmeg Mannikin. They also identified the Pin-Tailed Whydah, which was a visitor to my home last year.

nutmeg mannikin r

John Rippert, Meadows Place, Houston, TX
I live in Meadows Place, TX. This is just north of Sugarland on the outskirts of SW Houston. I heard birds that were unfamiliar today and got by binocs out. Then I ran for the camera. I got pictures of two adult and two juvenile Mannikins. The youngsters were being fed the proceeds from a feeder across the street. Mom and I had seen some in cages at a station in Kleb Woods on the north side of town. It was nice seeing something different around us.


Molly Townsend San Diego, CA
A group of 12 or so Mannikins visits our San Diego home everyday. They are definitely the bravest birds in the backyard and won't fly away when I'm out with my zoom lens!


Fritz Olenberger Santa Barbara, CA
I used a Canon 5D Mk II, with a 70 – 200 mm f/2.8L IS lens and a 1.4x teleconvertor (giving 280 mm total focal length at f/4.0). Most are taken at ISO 400 and a shutter speed of around 1/1000 sec. I used on-camera flash with the “high-speed flash” setting. This added a little catch-light in the eye of the bird. Most of the images are cropped for composition.
I live in Santa Barbara, California. My wife and I have a feeder in an apricot tree in our back yard, and saw these beautiful birds going after the bird seed. We sent photos to a local bird expert, Karen Bridgers, who kindly identified the birds for us. She referred to them as an escaped species. We were unable to find them in any of our bird books, I guess because they are not native birds.
I have a photo web site, <> , which includes some hummingbird photos I took from our front yard.




Jan Nickerson 8/24/2013.
I have a Nutmeg Mannikin nest that I'd like to send you a picture of. Found in my yard in East Milton, Florida, near Pensacola.
Haven't seen the actual birds, but several people at the local Audubon club identified it.


Ellen Goephert 9/2/2013 San Diego.
Would you mind telling me where you are located? I ask because we just saw a pair of Nutmeg Mannikins at our feeder today and used your web site to assist with identification, since this bird is in none of our books. I did get some pictures today. These two kept coming back
throughout the day, every couple of hours or so. The photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot A720 IS
[Dear Ellen, I am located in Monrovia, CA near Pasadena. If you check the Visitors page you will see 3 others from San Diego who have logged in.]

Goephert 012
Goephert 010

Kim Chancey October 20, 2013 Winchester Canyon, Goleta, CA
I have 3 Nutmeg Manikins visiting my feeder. Photo with Lumix.


Beth Swersie, November 1, 2013, San Diego
Saw these beauties at Lake Murray on October 31, 2013. Thought they were two different kinds of birds, and couldn't find them in any of my books (Western, CA, Southern CA, San Diego). A more experienced birder friend, Barbara, ID'd them for me as adult and juvenile Nutmeg Mannikins!
Nutmeg Mannikins

Karokina Nordquist, December 10, 2013 Pensacola, Florida.
Hi, I live in Pensacola, Florida. Spring 2013, I had seen just two [Nutmeg Mannikins] , then haven't seen them during summer and now, Fall 2013 and there is like 10 of them, including young ones. Kinda cool to see something little bit different :)
Iman J Ahmad, December, 23, 2013 Houston,Texas.
I have seen these Nutmeg Mannikins for the last three years in our complex In Houston, TX. I didn't know their name until I posted one of the photos on the facebook birder page. Somebody from India ID’ed it for me. I googled it and I got into your page and learned more about it. I have attached two of the photos I captured.

Ahmad 8872

Ahmad Scaly breasted munia

Laura Hill, May 21, 2014 Long Beach CA.
My mom and I were walking through the El Dorado Nature Trails in Long Beach
when we noticed these beautiful birds near the large pond in the reeds.
I had never seen such a bird but found out through the Nature Center
the name of the bird. I took these photos with a Canon Rebel XTi with a
Sigma 18-250 mm f3.5-6.3 lens with a stabilizer. I also use Picassa to
edit my images. I was so excited to see the birds!! They are so beautiful!.

Hill 2627
Hill 2645
Hill 2634

Tiffany Hart, August 30, 2015 Lake Murray, San Diego.
Thanks to your website-- I identified these new birds to our backyard. (Lake Murray, CA- San Diego). They appeared once this "weed" started growing recently. If anyone can identify this plant for me, I'll plant more! These Nutmegs really seem to enjoy it! Thank you for all the info.
nutmeg mannikin

Paul S. Lewis, September 25, 2015 Pensacola Fl.
I have photos to share with you from my feeder in Pensacola, FL.
[Beautiful set of juveniles. David C.]